Learn to Discern: Grading U.S. Coins


Learn to Discern: Grading U.S. Coins Take the worry out of your numismatic purchases by becoming knowledgeable about how U.S. coins should be graded. Using the latest ANA and market standards, this seminar covers the basics of grading circulated U.S. coins, including the history and evolution of grading standards; analysis of a coin’s focal points; technical and market grading; how to determine initial signs of wear; and evaluating surface marks, strike, luster and eye appeal. Putting the fun back into fundamentals, this course demonstrates the art and science of coin grading and equips students to grade like pros. Registration deadline is Nov. 29. INSTRUCTOR: Steven Feltner, Director of Numismatic Education and Outreach at PCGS DATE/TIME: January 7-8, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. LOCATION: 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL. 32819 ANA & FUN Member Rate: $250 | Non-Member Price: $350


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Website: https://www.money.org/FUN/seminars

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Tue January 7, 2020
To: Wed - January 8, 2020
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9800 International Drive
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